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Hi Family.

As we begin the work of planting a BRAND NEW church in Southaven, we need people like you, people with gifts, talents, and open hearts who are ready to partner with us to make the dream of FAITH RESTORED a reality. No one was meant to make the journey of faith by themselves, and if this seems like a place that you could call home for a season we would gladly join you on your journey. Whether you've been church for a while, or you're new. to it all; no matter what your story is... WELCOME HOME. 

How do I become a member of Faith Restored's Launch Team?

You might be asking yourself, "What's a launch team?" That's an easy question! A launch team is a group of regular people who have agreed to partner with the vision of Faith Restored during its infancy to help bring the vision of the church to life. Some of the launch team will only serve for the first year and then leave, with our gratitude and blessing to join another ministry, while some feel a deep connection to the leadership, mission and vision of the church and desire to make Faith Restored their permanent home. Wherever you feel God leading you, we love and appreciate you and are so excited that you want to become a part of our family at Faith Restored! 


There are three simple requirements to join the launch team at Faith Restored. 

1. Be willing to meet with us regularly to learn more about the vision and what it means to be a part of Faith Restored

2. Be willing to use your gifts and talents as a part of our team to help us launch the church.

3. Be willing to help us grow our Launch Team by spreading the word about our new church and inviting your family and friends.


  • Phase One: The Prelaunch Phase: This is the phase where we lay the groundwork for what will become Faith Restored Southaven. People involved in this phase will assist leadership in, creating systems, developing strategies, recruiting other launch team members and being able to influence the growth and health of the church from the very beginning. This is also the phase where we will create ministry and administrative teams, assign leaders to those teams and begin preparation for the launch phase.
    (Note: This is the only mandatory phase for all launch team members.)


  • Phase Two: The Launch Phase: To a lot of people this is the most exciting phase because this phase is where the church goes live and we begin active operation as a church in Southaven. Most, if not all of the church's ministries and administrative teams will be up and running and this phase will be the phase that you and your friends and family can serve on a Sunday morning ministry team together; teams like, worship, outreach, hospitality, kids, security etc., and see the fruit of the labor of Phase One.

  • Phase Three: The Post-Launch Phase: This is the phase where we evaluate our successes and areas of opportunity from the prelaunch and launch phases. We will dive deep into what worked, what didn't and hear vision from leadership about the next season of ministry at Faith Restored Southaven. This is the phase where the work of those who served is rewarded by having their voices heard and being able to share their experiences as we prepare for the next season of ministry; that being said, to participate in this phase, you must have been a participant in at lease Phase Two. 

And there you have it! It's that simple you are a member of our Launch Team. If you would like to begin the process  you can get started by filling out our Launch Team registration form.

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