What is Heart for The House?

In Matthew chapter six, verse twenty-one Jesus says “Where your treasure is, there your HEART will be also” Jesus is teaching us that we declare what we love or what we “have a heart” for by where we place our resources. 


In this next season at Faith Restored, we want to declare that we are church that has a Heart for God’s House! We want to be the kind of church that is radically generous in how we give to God, so that we can be equally generous in how we show our love to the City of Jacksonville. 


The “Heart for The House” campaign is an opportunity for you to partner with us and help make the vision of Faith Restored a reality by joining your faith and finances with ours over the next year. With your your partnership in 2020 Faith Restored will:


  • Create "state of the art" children and youth ministries to serve the next generation. 

  • Begin critical outreach programs to serve the City of Jacksonville. 

  • Set money aside so that we can obtain our own facility in Arlington. 

  • Plant our first campus on the Westside of Jacksonville. 


How can I help?
To be a part of the “Heart for The House” campaign we are asking every Faith Restored family member to commit to giving a specific weekly financial gift in addition to their tithe, for the next year. We ask that you prayerfully commit to one of these three levels of partnership. 

Can we count on you?
For us to succeed we need every member of our family, whether near or far, to commit to partnering their faith and finances with us so that we can make the vision of Faith Restored a reality. To make your online pledge or to give your first gift click one of the links below. 

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