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Teresa Tramayne Eggerson or Lady T, as she is known by her church family, is the Co-Founder of Faith Restored in DeSoto County, MS along with her husband Joshua Eggerson Sr. Teresa LOVES GOD, and endeavors to be a mother, sister and friend to all everyone she encounters. 


Prior to planting Faith Restored in DeSoto County, Teresa and her husband planted The Elevation Church in Omaha, Nebraska and Faith Restored Jacksonville. Through their efforts, both churches grew and thrived with people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds!


A passionate disciple maker, Teresa is committed to doing all she can to help and empower women, especially her fellow millennials, to know God and walk in their purpose.To that end, in 2022 Teresa Launched Grace For Life a ministry dedicated to helping women from all backgrounds strengthen their relationship with God through Bible Teaching and discussion. 

In addition to her ministry work, Teresa is an advocate for the marginalized in society and devotes a great deal of her time to her passion for activism, education, and social justice in the community. Teresa is also a member of the NAACP. 


In her spare time, Lady T enjoys blogging, reading and shopping online! Ultimately, she believes that life is a journey and that to make it, not only do you need a relationship with God, but you also need friends who can encourage you along the way- she hopes that she can be that friend and encourage you on your journey with Jesus!

Teresa is mother to two children, Tamia Tramayne Eggerson and Joshua Jerome Eggerson Jr. 


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